HGS offers operator training and workflow consultation for all supported scanners.  Brian has delivered several training sessions now and the customer feedback has been over-the-top grateful in every instance.  His training sessions are tailor made to meet your needs and experience level.  Either of us can get you off to a quick start, if you’ve never used a drum scanner before.  Brian’s years of personal experience means he can help to optimize your existing workflow to get the most out of your scanner.  Our advantage is that we have seen and compared many different individual ways of approaching the task at hand. Therefore we have a broader range of experience and exposure to differing techniques. Our specific areas of focus include mounting, software setup and workflow, optimizing your settings to your originals, color management and profiling.

A standard on-site training session is 2 days billed at our normal day rate plus travel expenses in most cases.  Discounts apply when purchasing multiple day sessions. Travel costs are reduced if we are in your area already.  Please watch our home page for a live feed on exactly where we are!  The needs of each lab and scanner operator are unique.  Please contact us so we can evaluate what you need, and provide a proposal based on your experience level and specific needs. Our goal is to get your lab running at peak efficiency and quality!  We level the playing field, which means all HGS scanner customers can scan with confidence!